Monday, April 14, 2014

Overland Park Shooting--To Heal the Wounds of Hate

Another day, another day of senseless violence, not by a young teen, slashing fellow students at a Murrysville, or a vet on Fort Hood on a killing spree, but by a man of 73, a Vietnam vet but the holder of extreme anti-Black and Semitic views at a Jewish Community Center and nearby assisted living facility in Overland Park, Kansas. As the police investigate this horrific crime, one hopes the mental health profession is deeply involved--we have to do a better job of reaching out to and trying to defuse the problems facing those who may have mental health issues and are but acts or words away from snapping in rage and killing or wounding innocents.
To Heal the Wounds of Hate
Time may heal all wounds, but at Overland Park not the emotion of hate
For F. Glenn Miller it only festered, grew and would not abate
He has been charged in the senseless murders of three, including a 14 year old child
At 73 a Vietnam vet one cannot imagine what caused the dam to break and hate run wild
He has gained his Warhol moment of 15 minutes of absolute, reviled shame
Then with his hatred to rot away in prison, alone, without support his acts we all declaim
He at his trial will be accorded all the rights to others his actions mock
Right of counsel, a fair trial, an insanity defense that may his mental state unlock
His actions and views toward Jews and Blacks are not by the rest of us in any way shared
To save his skin, one hopes at trial he does not take the stand, no forum for those views to air
The deaths are a tragedy, a pox and a stain upon humanity, the news we have come to dread
The real tragedy will be if we do not learn how to reach Millers of the world before others in the future are shot dead.
Why did we miss the signs not well hidden of violence against Jews and Blacks waiting to erupt?
How can we in the future the march to hate to kill somehow interrupt?
While the answers we may never know, we all should take a united stand
Hate, bigotry against any race or creed cannot be in our house, it must not survive in this land.
© April 14, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dunce Hats for Caprock

       You see it often in the workplace, on sporting  teams, in families, or in groups of close friends--shaving of heads as a sign of solidarity of someone who is fighting cancer with chemotherapy, a treatment that in most cases causes the patient's hair to fall out. Imagine how grateful a cancer patient would feel looking into the mirror at a bald head on top of a body wasting away due to the nausea of the treatment at the start of each day, to be able to walk into a room and see a roomful of friends, families or even strangers who have as a sign of support and solidarity shaved their heads. Priceless and probably a great jump start in the patient's own immune system's efforts to fight the cancer.
       Those encouraging bald heads are usually adults which is what makes the news story coming out of Caprock Academy in Grand Junction Colorado so uplifting and moving yet at the same time so disappointing. An 11 year old girl friend of a 9 year old girl Kamryn had lost her hair due to chemotherapy. In a move far beyond her years, young Kamryn shaved her head in support of her friend, only to be banned by her school Caprock Academy for violating the dress code which bans bald heads. Such stupidity would be bad enough but it really becomes outrageous when one learns of the Baldrick Foundation which has raised over $200 million from shaving over 85,000 heads. The President of Caprock and its entire Board should be at minimum be required to wear dunce caps while Kamryn's friend is in chemo and ideally should join the fund raising efforts of Baldrick and have their own heads shaved in when  support.
Dunce  Hats for Caprock
When it comes to teaching values, ethics, compassion and things that matter, only an F Caprock Academy deserves
Since when does preventing a bald head a good learning environment preserve?
Childhood cancer is a sad fact of life; kids struggle with chemo and lose their hair
Bodies weakened, looking different at Caprock would a cancer patient be allowed to be in chair?
More so than at any time in a child's young life, her body needs the support of friends
We are not talking about a few days of missed school, but a life that may too early end
My children have from childhood cancer or other disease been spared
As a parent and a human being, I applaud young Kamryn's support of a friend by shaving off her hair
As to Caprock Academy, outrage tops the anger meter, tops the charts, not enough words to express
"Safety, uniformity, environment not to distract" is their reason for a code of dress
That bans a nine year old with compassion and empathy way beyond her years
Who shaved her head to help her friend allay her cancer fears.
The earlier F now goes lower and it really should be a notice Caprock administrators the parents should expel
When we find that Baldrick Foundation has raised millions to fight the disease by shaving heads toward a cure to us propel
350,000 shaves, 205 million dollars and not a gangbanging skinhead in sight
How many hairless dying children encouraged by the acts to carry on their fight?
What a teachable moment on how to our less fortunate afflicted we should relate and behave
Caprock's President and Board should be lining up, dollars in hand, seeking a Baldrick head shave. 
© April 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, April 11, 2014

Putin Pulls Voice Of America Plug

     An army may march on its stomach according to Napoleon, but the technology driven armies today need the sophisticated weaponry the typifies the "shock and awe" of the U.S. Armed Forces. Providing Ukrainian forces with MREs as opposed to Stingers, HOTs and Javelins is typical of a feckless administration that is bent on reducing the U.S. military. Today's news of the Voice of America losing its license to broadcast in Moscow and the U.S. bemoaning hypocrisy is surprising only in why it took Putin so long to implement.
     Instead of red lines and feeble attempts to halt Putin's aggression by blocking a small number of his oligarch friends from entering the U.S. or freezing their assets, a full scale e-war of internet blanketing of Russia and its Eastern European neighbors quaking in fear over the lack of U.S. response,  on the economic effects of not looking to the EU and West for growth and prosperity would be in order. That and a dose of exposure of the corruption and outright theft of Putin and his oligarch friends would be in order.
To Halt A Russian Bear
 There is no way any of us have a stomach for boots on Ukrainian ground
All we seem to do is supply food as opposed to Stingers, bullets, and mortar rounds
Putin has been running circles around Obama and his security staff
If the stakes were not so high, it would be a great script for never ending laughs
Putin knows if the Russian people are exposed to the good life of the EU West
His dreams of low hanging land fruit to grab will halt and be in REM arrest
If Ukrainians, Moldavians, Latvians, Estonians, Georgians, and the like of Russian tongue
Know the truth of where prosperity lies and link to Putin means down the economic rung
They will rise up in one fearless voice
Link to Putin is not a willing or desired choice
It comes as no surprise that Putin pulls the Voice of America Moscow plug
This will be the first of many Putin attempts to sweep economic truth under the rug
But where an Iron Curtain may people movement,  radio and TV block
This e-fact of life may come to Putin as a shock
The internet with all its social media is like an coming tide
All sand castles to block will be swept aside
One can only hope our President is up for the e-truth invasion trial
If only red lines, the Russians are going to be seizing for a while.
Another reason also for Obama to consider any attempts our internet control divest
We will need the flow of e-truths to the Putin Bear's movements arrest.
© April 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Child Endangerment on the High Seas

At least this week with the chaos in Ukraine, Murrysville and Fort Hood and the ongoing sorrow over the disappeared Malaysian 777, we had some good news to cheer about. The Kaufmans with two girls, one three and the other one were attempting to sail around the world. Their youngest became ill 1000 miles off the coast of Mexico and a task force of the US Navy, Coast Guard and the California Air National Guard came to their rescue, complete with a scene of a raft being parachuted out of a plane, followed by four rescuers.
       Makes this poet glad to be an American but as a father totally mystified how parents could expose two small infants to the potential dangers of such a voyage. If the D.A does not file child endangerment charges, hopefully at bare minimum some strong lectures and maybe a parenting class.
Their boat was sunk by the Navy as to not be a navigation hazard. Hope the Navy used the opportunity for a simulated drug running bust on the high seas to improve marksmanship.
Child Endangerment On The High Seas
Sail round the world is always on the top of one's bucket list
The lure of adventure and an open sea to hard to resist
But bucket lists by definition are for adults not toddlers one and three
What kind of parent in their right mind would expose kids to dangers of the seas
The Pacific is pacific in name only and has claimed many a larger ship
 These parents have lost any sanity grip
Put an infant in a car and not in a car seat
And from the law you are in great heat
Putting infants in a thirty-six foot craft in potential stormy seas these parents should repent
At best it is stupidity at worse can only be child endangerment
At least our Navy rises to the challenge and saves the day
Our giving nature means these idiot parents for a rescue will not pay
Their boat now sunk, transported by the Navy back to dry land
Where these toddlers new contact with the seas will be shovels and pails in the sand
Given the proclivity of lawyers for a drop of blood from miles away to sniff
One hopes they signed a release so any suit against the Navy would be given short shrift
Hopefully these parents have their lessons learned and mistakes not try to repeat
Lucky this time, the next the Pacific may not be so easy to defeat

©April 10, 2014  Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another Weiner Like Moment by McAllister We Do Not Need

No More Groupie Magnets
After years of gridlock and refusal to cross the partisan isle
We are fed up with the rhetoric and defamatory bile
This nation yearns for men and women in Congress who believe
That bipartisanship is not a four letter word, but a way for our problems to relieve
Just when we are almost in complete gridlock despair
A new bipartisanship trend too many in Congress seem to share
It matters not whether the Congressman is Weiner Blue or the latest McAllister Red
A common trait to all pretense of morality and family values to discard and shed
Where we need leaders, we get Walter Mitty rock stars on tour instead
Who believe they are entitled to get any female, single or married, into their bed
Weiner with his emails and a baby on the way was not the first
McAllister caught kissing a staffer will not be the last to try quench his sexual thirst
We mere mortals hope Congress from sexual harassment in the workplace has not made itself immune
Whether his kissed aide sues or not, for him in Congress there can be no room
Worse, with a 16 year marriage and  a faith and family values, and Duck Dynasty endorsement campaign
His hypocrisy puts him beyond repair; his party should dump him down with the trash down the drain
Being “sorry” most likely only because on a video he was caught
Does not excuse this lapse of values or moral rot
He needs to resign and his fellow Reds must take the point and lead
Expel him if he does not; we do not need a Blue planting of another “War on Woman” seed.
We as a nation need men and women of ethics willing to put above party or self the nation’s need
Not men driven to obey the lusts of their reptilian brains, and morality no longer heed.
© April 8, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet



Monday, March 24, 2014

Michelle On The Great Wall Strolls As Russian Tanks May Roll

First Family Junkets On The Great Wall
It is ironic that Michelle Obama touts education on her China trip
While a large part of her party is held hostage to the teachers union’s grip
Look at the public schools of almost any large city in this land and what comes to mind?
Only, despite billions of aid and dollars, our kids in the world race drop further behind
Look at the charter schools in the same cities free of crushing union rules
What you see are almost always very successful achieving schools
But look as teachers are forced to contribute dues in order to teach
More campaign dues to Blues means no real reform will ever reach
Kids of color drop out like flies in a DDT never ending mist
If they somehow stay, any chance of learning long missed
Any time the media is focused on Michelle as opposed to media sycophants
Fawning over such trivia as a President filling out the bracket Dance
While old fabrics for curtains are being dusted off
While Putin and his minions at our “sanctions” scoff
Regardless of the huge costs once again born by us
May be a value and perhaps we should not raise a fuss
But at least so, we might get some sense of value for her 15 minute in China talk
Open the event to our media as the First Family without Obama enjoys its Great Wall walk.
In a time when austerity should be our goal and our sacred quest
Now is the time for not more First Family junkets but for a lot less.
© March 24, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

Friday, March 21, 2014

Starbucks--Coffee, Tea or Ale

Starbucks-Coffee, Tea or Ale
When it comes to marketing, Starbucks is without doubt without equal
Who would have guessed that dark dingy first location would ever have a sequel?
Who would have guessed with higher prices and refills another charge,
That it would grow to many locations with a P/E obscenely large?
Now to squeeze out more sales, more locations to offer beer and wine
The new 24/7 offices you ever need to leave save until computer off, it's bedtime 
Somehow the idea of happy hour mixed with coffee and moms with soccer kids
Is something most party lovers in search of bars or taverns would forbid
Hard to imagine a beer after quitting work without Buffalo Wings and  sports on a flat panel HD
Or with the aroma of coffee and glow of  lap top screen, sipping wine and spreading brie
At least if you believe in the myth of coffee to sober up to be able to drive
Coffee is right there for the asking and the checkpoint gauntlet you might survive
One wonders when the betas expand to growlers to take out
Or early morning blood Marys to get the hangover shakes out
Colorado may also be a special place for beer, wine and Buckshigh
Calming down from a day of stress, watching the 24/7s rushing by.
Only one more idea, just one more thing
Knowing Starbucks, it has to be in the waiting wings
Hope Starbucks has the StarLite Girls with coffee brown eyes and hair
Clearly these will be Starbucks destinations when one has time with friends to share 
© March 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet